Come birding at REGUA

REGUA is the premier site for birding in the Atlantic Forest – one of South America’s most biodiverse and endemic-rich biomes. Of the 930 bird species found in the Atlantic Forest, over 470 have been recorded at REGUA, including 62 species Brazilian endemics, 118 species endemic to the Atlantic Forest and several species that can be considered REGUA specialities. Over 200 bird species have been recorded at our wetlands alone. More »


Stay at our lodge

Our visitor lodge, set up for people interested in natural history, is located next to our wetlands with stunning views across the reserve and easy access to a network of marked trails that can be walked with or without one our bird guides. The lodge is full board and equipped to a high standard with 10 en-suite rooms, a swimming pool, and an extensive natural history library. We also offer a transfer service to and from Rio de Janeiro located two hours away. More »

Join a birdwatching excursion

Join our birdwatching excursions from the lodge to a variety of Atlantic Forest habitats off-reserve, in search of over 100 species of birds not present at REGUA. The focus of our excursions is finding Atlantic Forest endemics including Restinga Antwren, Grey-winged Cotinga, Itatiaia Thistletail and Three-toed Jacamar. We also organise night-birding excursions to look for Giant Snipe, owls, potoos and other nocturnal birds. More »


Narrated by Michael Palin, produced by Verity White/Five Films, soundtrack by Matthew Sheeran. Watch in HD »


Make a donation to REGUA

With only 7% of the original forested area remaining, the Atlantic Forest of South America is one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth, but also one the most biodiverse! REGUA protects over 9,000 hectares of forest and has the opportunity to purchase more land protect more forest, but we have to act fast as encroaching urbanisation is rapidly increasing land prices. Please support REGUA by making a donation. Donate »



Parceria entre a Reserva Ecológica do Guapiaçu e Prefeitura de Cachoeiras de Macacu concretizada.
Muito obrigado por acreditar em nós.
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REGUA researcher André Lanna wins coveted Conservation
Leadership Prize

Sometimes one feels that there seems to be a lull like the wind has dropped leaving
the sails slack. This year appeared that way; less visitors and less reforestation grants
contributing to the lack of needed momentum at a precious time. Admittedly land
purchases have been tough and it’s been hard to close the available areas with their
respective owners. I guess socio economic conditions are constantly changing and
these naturally affect the efficiency of our proposal. Today I received an email that the
Global Conservation Leadership Programme winners had been announced and found
the page to seek the name of those prizewinners. The Young Conservationists is a
great programme that seeks young researchers in Biology and provides them with a
grant to continue with their studies. I have often been asked by friends to submit a
proposal but I do think I am not so young to compete. Imagine my delightful surprise
when checking this year’s prizewinners to find the Muriqui monkey project in SE Brazil.
The picture of Andre Lanna and Rildo as winners of the 2017 prize gave me huge
confidence boost. Well done André, REGUA ranger Rildo and team!
André had mentioned that REGUA may be the last bastion of the Southern Muriqui
primate and suspect that there could be three populations here. May the project
continue to enjoy the success it deserves and place REGUA healthily on the map. The
wind is picking up my friends!!
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REGUA e Prefeitura Municipal de Cachoeiras de Macacu firmam parceria
Ontem a REGUA recebeu a visita dos Secretários Municipais de Educação, Magda Tiburcio, e de Meio Ambiente, Anderson Biju, que juntamente com o Prefeito Municipal, Mauro Soares, vieram conhecer as atividades da reserva. A equipe da Prefeitura andou na trilha de educação ambiental e foi recepcionada pelos anfitriões, Nicholas Locke e Raquel Locke, que apresentaram um breve resumo dos 16 anos de trabalho da instituição. O momento foi importante para pensar como Prefeitura e REGUA podem unir esforços para promover ações sustentáveis na região.
Ao final da manhã foi assinada uma carta de parceria entre a Prefeitura Municipal de Cachoeiras de Macacu e a REGUA para que nos próximos anos estreitem os laços e fortaleçam as atividades de educação ambiental e intercambio de conhecimento. O próximo passo será a oficialização de Termo de Cooperação Técnica estabelecendo responsabilidades de ambas as partes. A visita foi finalizada com um almoço e uma foto
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