REGUA is a Brazilian non-profit non-governmental organisation conserving the Atlantic Forest of the upper Guapiaçu river basin, by:

  • Protecting the Atlantic Forest by way of land acquisition and management agreements
  • Integrating the protection of the Atlantic Forest with the needs of the local community
  • Restoring habitats using local resources
  • Conducting bio-inventories of fauna and flora
  • Encouraging and supporting scientific research
  • Encouraging people to visit and support REGUA

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Target: £40,000

Help us protect a vital area of Atlantic Forest

The Olympic Forest Reserve Appeal, run by our partners the World Land trust, aims to raise £40,000 to purchase a 89.5 ha area of Atlantic Forest known as the Paloma Coelho.

The forest at Paloma Coelho is under immediate threat from hunting and deforestation. Purchasing the land and incorporating it into the reserve is most effective way to ensure this forest and it’s unique wildlife is protected.

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Watch our Wildscreen film

Narrated by Michael Palin, produced by Verity White/Five Films, soundtrack by Matthew Sheeran. Watch in HD »



Interested in natural history? Come and stay at REGUA in our quality lodge. Located within replanted lowland Atlantic Forest at the edge of our restored wetlands, the lodge has stunning views over the forested Serra dos Órgãos mountains. You can also visit REGUA for the day. Your visit will directly contribute towards our work to conserve the Atlantic Forest. More »


Come birding at REGUA

The Atlantic Forest is one of South America’s most biodiverse and endemic-rich biomes and offers some of the best birdwatching on Earth. Around 930 bird species are found here, with 200 found nowhere else. Over 470 bird species have been recorded at REGUA, including 13 classified as Threatened by the IUCN and 26 considered Near-threatened. More »


Make a donation to REGUA

With only 7% of the original forested area remaining, the Atlantic Forest of South America is one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth! REGUA protects over 9,000 hectares of forest and has the opportunity to purchase more land, but we have to act fast as encroaching urbanisation is rapidly increasing land prices. Please support REGUA by making a donation. Donate »