Birding at REGUA

REGUA is the premier birdwatching site in the Atlantic Forest – one of South America’s most biodiverse and endemic-rich biomes. Of the 930 bird species found in the Atlantic Forest, over 470 have been recorded at REGUA, including 62 Brazilian endemics, 118 species endemic to the Atlantic Forest and several species that can be considered REGUA specialities. Over 200 bird species have been recorded at our wetlands alone. More »



Our visitor lodge, built for birders and people interested in natural history, is located beside our wetlands with stunning views across the reserve and easy access to a network of marked trails that can be walked with or without a guide. The lodge is full board and equipped to a high standard with 10 en-suite rooms, a swimming pool, and an extensive natural history library. We also offer a transfer service to and from Rio de Janeiro located two hours away. More »

Birdwatching excursions

Join our birdwatching excursions from the lodge to a variety of Atlantic Forest habitats off-reserve, in search of over 100 species of birds not present at REGUA. The focus of our excursions is finding endemic Atlantic Forest birds including Restinga Antwren, Grey-winged Cotinga, Itatiaia Thistletail and Three-toed Jacamar. We also organise night-birding excursions to look for Giant Snipe, owls, potoos, nightjars and other nocturnal birds. More »


Narrated by Michael Palin, produced by Verity White/Five Films, soundtrack by Matthew Sheeran. Watch in HD »


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With only 7% of the original forested area remaining, the Atlantic Forest of South America is one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth, but also one the most biodiverse! REGUA protects over 9,000 hectares of forest and has the opportunity to purchase more land protect more forest, but we have to act fast as encroaching urbanisation is rapidly increasing land prices. Please support REGUA by making a donation. Donate »



REGUA news on television. Great developments
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Matéria veiculada em abril no Jornal Nacional sobre o trabalho de reflorestamento desenvolvido pela Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA), com o repórter André Trigueiro. #REGUA #reservaecologicadeguapiaçu #ggvbr #ggv #guapiacugrandevida #pmcm #petrobras

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A equipe do Laboratório de Limnologia da UFRJ composta pel Prof. Dr. Vinicius Farjalla, Dr. Leandro Sabagh, Juliana Leal, Doutorando em Ecologia, visitou Regua com a finalidade de apresentar a Doutoranda Camille Bonhomme que iniciará seus trabalhos sobre o efeito da seca nas comunidades de macro e micro invertebrados, bactérias e fungos em plantas da familia das bromelias como ecossistemas modelos aqui na Regua, no Parnaso e no Parque Nacional de Jurabatiba. ... See MoreSee Less

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We wish to thank Gary Pilkinton and Dr Adrian Spalding for visiting Regua. Gary visited us last year with a birding group and this year he brought a friend, Dr Adrian Spalding with him. Both of them enjoy nature and all the rich biodiversity the Atlantic Rain forest offers to nature lovers. Moths are their special group of interest.

Queremos agradecer a visita dos senhores Gary Pilkinton e Adrian Spalding, vindos da Inglaterra na semana do feriado. O Gary nos visitou o ano passado e prometeu voltar com seu amigo Adrian para conhecer Regua e toda a rica biodiversidade da Mata Atlântica. Ambos são amantes da natureza, sendo as mariposas o grupo de seu especial interesse. Sejam bem -vindos!
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Q! Orquídeas is an orchid-selling enterprise based in Rio de Janeiro city. Q!Orquídeas group supports "Impacto Jovem" congregation which in turn works with young people encouraging them to play sports (specially football and volley-ball) in Suruí neighbourhood, Magé municipality. As part of this sports and open-air activities, both Q!Orquídeas and Impacto Jovem representives visited Regua last Friday.

A Q!orquídeas, empresa que comercializa orquídeas no Rio de Janeiro, apoia um grupo de jovens chamado "Impacto Jovem", congregação atuando em Suruí, municipio de Magé, que incentiva crianças e jovens á prática de esportes e de atividades ao ar livre.
Como parte de este programa, representantes da Q!Orquídeas e do Impacto Jovem visitaram Regua para conhecerem o trabalho de educação ambiental que inclui a visitação ás áreas alagadas próximas ao Centro de Visitantes.
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Nicholas Locke em uma de suas apresentações na Alemanha sobre a Floresta Atlântica. ... See MoreSee Less

Nicholas Locke, in charge of the private reserve Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) in the Atlantic Rainforest in the state of Rio de Janeiro and guest lecturer in the course, giving his passionate closing speech.

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