Birding at REGUA

REGUA is the premier birdwatching site in the Atlantic Forest – one of South America’s most biodiverse and endemic-rich biomes. Of the 930 bird species found in the Atlantic Forest, over 470 have been recorded at REGUA, including 62 Brazilian endemics, 118 species endemic to the Atlantic Forest and several species that can be considered REGUA specialities. Over 200 bird species have been recorded at our wetlands alone. More »


Our visitor lodge, built for birders and people interested in natural history, is located beside our wetlands with stunning views across the reserve and easy access to a network of marked trails that can be walked with or without a guide. The lodge is full board and equipped to a high standard with 10 en-suite rooms, a swimming pool, and an extensive natural history library. We also offer a transfer service to and from Rio de Janeiro located 1.5 hours away. More »

Birdwatching excursions

Join our birdwatching excursions from the lodge to a variety of Atlantic Forest habitats off-reserve, in search of over 100 species of birds not present at REGUA. The focus of our excursions is finding endemic Atlantic Forest birds including Restinga Antwren, Grey-winged Cotinga, Itatiaia Thistletail and Three-toed Jacamar. We also organise night-birding excursions to look for Giant Snipe, owls, potoos, nightjars and other nocturnal birds. More »


Narrated by Michael Palin, produced by Verity White/Five Films, soundtrack by Matthew Sheeran. Watch in HD »


Make a donation to REGUA

With only 7% of the original forested area remaining, the Atlantic Forest of South America is one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth, but also one the most biodiverse! REGUA protects over 9,000 hectares of forest and has the opportunity to purchase more land protect more forest, but we have to act fast as encroaching urbanisation is rapidly increasing land prices. Please support REGUA by making a donation. Donate »



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Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu

INEA (State Environmental Agency) has been promoting the creation of private reserves since 2008. This successful government programme is the result of partnerships with groups from civil society that cooperated with the forging of RPPNs (Natural Heritage Private Reserves) as part of the National Parks Classification.
A wonderful book celebrating INEAs 10 years of support to biodiversity conservation- RPPN programme (10 Anos de Apoio a Conservacao da Biodiversidade-Programa Estadual de Reservas Particulares do Patrimonio Natural-RPPNs) was launched last week in Rio de Janeiro city. Land-owners, INEA authorities including RPPNs Programme staff, RJ State and Municipal government officials, RPPNs National Confederation and NGOs representatives were present at this event which emphasized the RPPNs relevance for biodiversity protection and the provision of ecosystem services. An estimated 80 % of Brazils Mata Atlantica biome is found in privately owned land. RPPNs owners are guardians of one of the most threatened forest ecosystems in the world.
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Thank you for a wonderful stay and for being such gracious and welcoming hosts. REGUA is a true gem of biodiversity and wonder. ... See MoreSee Less

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Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu

Work on the new bus parking area at the conservation center for school visits is progressing well. Our environmental education programme has been running since 1999 and has been a huge success, with REGUA now receiving 2,500 school children a year! (© Nicholas Locke) ... See MoreSee Less

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Primeira trilha adaptada para portadores de necessidades especiais na região será inaugurada em Cachoeiras de Macacu
Foto: Divulgação
Legenda: A trilha receberá placas para interpretação ambiental em todo o seu percurso

Será inaugurada no próximo dia 25, na Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA), a trilha Grande Vida, a primeira com trecho adaptado para portadores de necessidades especiais do município de Cachoeiras de Macacu. A iniciativa de criar a trilha, estendendo às pessoas com deficiência, a contemplação da Mata Atlântica, é do projeto Guapiaçu Grande Vida, realização da REGUA, com o apoio da prefeitura de Cachoeiras de Macacu e patrocínio da Petrobras.
A trilha receberá placas para interpretação ambiental em todo o seu percurso, o que possibilitará aos professores, condutores e visitantes trabalharem diversos conteúdos em plena Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu. A trilha contará também com um trecho de 400 m de acessibilidade, permitindo o acesso de deficientes físicos até o observatório dos alagados. Haverá um cabo guia por todo o trecho, permitindo que deficientes visuais também aproveitem o trajeto.
O projeto Guapiaçu Grande Vida prevê receber na trilha Grande Vida, nos próximos 14 meses, mais de 1.500 visitantes. “Acreditamos que a trilha fortaleça nossas ações de educação ambiental reforçando o contato com a natureza de forma a sensibilizar jovens para a preservação do meio ambiente. A emoção de estar na trilha interpretativa é muito mais forte do que ver as árvores nas imagens de televisão, dos livros ou da internet”, explica a Coordenadora Tatiana Horta. Por meio dessa atividade é possível passar mensagens ao público de maneira informal, o que permite a participação no processo ensino-aprendizagem de forma mais agradável e consistente.
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