REGUA was established as an Association under Brazilian law in June 2001, but the statutes were amended and improved in March 2013 at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association.

As a non-profit conservation organisation, REGUA is permitted to: raise funds to acquire and protect land; employ forest rangers; conduct environmental education work; engage in habitat restoration; promote scientific research; and encourage people interested in conservation to visit and to adopt a responsible and impartial attitude to the communities located around REGUA.

The Association is administered by a General Assembly, a Directorate and a Fiscal Council. The General Council of six members (the Directorate plus three others) meets once a year. The Directorate is made up of the President (Nicholas Locke), Vice-President (Raquel Locke), Secretary (currently vacant) and a Treasurer (Fabinho Soares Lagoas). These are all voluntary positions without remuneration, but reasonable expenses can be claimed with the appropriate receipts.

REGUA owns and manages a quality lodge that attracts visitors from around the world. Profits from the lodge cover about 70% of the operational costs of the project. REGUA also receives income from several organisations for habitat restoration and receives donations from the UK and US which help cover the staff and management costs. In addition REGUA receives donations towards land purchase.

Since its inception, the REGUA project has received financial and operational support from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust (BART), a UK registered charity.

REGUA President Nicholas Locke and Vice-President Raquel Locke (© Sue Healey)