Giant moths at REGUA

The title for the largest moth in the world is usually awarded to the Atlas Moth Attacus atlas, however this can be misleading. Whilst the Atlas Moth may be the largest in terms of total wing surface, the White Witch Moth Thysania agrippina is believed to have the largest wing-span of any moth or insect in the world, with a record wing-span of 280 mm. The Atlas Moth is native to Asia but now occurs in South America, however its distribution and status is uncertain. To our knowledge the Atlas Moth has only been recorded once at REGUA, in August 2008 at the lodge. The White Witch Moth is found throughout Latin America, as far south as the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. At REGUA there have been regular sightings of the White Witch Moth in the forest and around the lodge.

Atlas Moth <em>Attacus atlas</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
Atlas Moth Attacus atlas (© Alan Martin)
White Witch Moth <em>Thysania agrippina</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
White Witch Moth Thysania agrippina (© Alan Martin)