New reptiles for REGUA

Atlantic Coralsnake <em>Micrurus corallinus</em> (&copy; Chris Knowles)
Atlantic Coralsnake Micrurus corallinus (© Chris Knowles)

During November 2008, REGUA had a visit from Cambridgeshire zoologist, Chris Knowles. For his four week visit, five camera traps were used to photograph and film as many species as possible. Mostly Chris was looking for snakes and other reptiles and with this he had much success. Fifteen species of reptiles were identified and within this number three were new for the reserve: the Atlantic Coralsnake Micrurus corallinus, Pale-necked Whip Snake Chironius laevicollis and the extremely rare Small-headed Worm Lizard Leposternon microcephalum. Finding these species indicates that there is really a huge diversity of species that are rarely seen at the Reserve. In addition to the reptiles, Chris was able to film Capybara, Paca, Crab-eating Fox and several opossom species, although unfortunately the heavy rain in the forest claimed a few of his camera traps!