REGUA visits Muriqui stronghold

Our project manager Nicholas Locke, has recently returned from a trip to the remote Caratinga Biological Station located in the Reserva Particular do Patrimônio Natural – Feliciano Miguel Abdala (RPPN-FMA) in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The reserve is run by Preserve-Muriqui – a charity dedicated to protecting the critically endangered Woolly Spider Monkey or Northern Muriqui Brachyteles hipoxanthus. The Muriqui is the largest endemic mammal in Brazil and one of the 25 most threatened primates in the world. It is estimated that only around 500 remain in the wild and about a third of these are found at RPPN-FMA. Preserve-Muriqui offer opportunities for researchers and volunteers. For more information go to the Preserve-Muriqui website. To read more about Nicholas’ visit see the March 2009 newsletter.