Two year hummingbird survey begins at REGUA

Luciana Barcante, a masters student at Rio de Janeiro State University, has began a two year survey of hummingbirds at REGUA. The aim of the survey is to study hummingbird diversity from sea level up to 1,800 m, at 400-500 m altitudinal intervals. Lucinana and her team will be visiting REGUA once a month, using mist nets to identify and take measurements of hummingbirds caught. REGUA guide, Leonardo, is assisting with identification and banding. The first visit took place at the end of May on the Waterfall Trail and revealed some interesting records. Saw-billed Hermits were abundant, 2 Dusky-throated Hermits were caught (a very difficult species to see) and a Scale-throated Hermit was found at only 400 m (a very low altitude for this species).

Dusky-throated Hermit <em>Phaethornis squalidus</em> (&copy; Leonardo Pimentel)
Dusky-throated Hermit Phaethornis squalidus (© Leonardo Pimentel)

Other species caught in the nets included Barred Forest-Falcon, Rufous-capped Motmot, Star-throated Antwren, Rufous-breasted Leaftosser, Planalto Woodcreeper and White-browed Foliage-gleaner.

Barred Forest-Falcon <em>Micrastur ruficollis</em> (&copy; Leonardo Pimentel)
Barred Forest-Falcon Micrastur ruficollis (© Leonardo Pimentel)
Rufous-capped Motmot <em>Baryphthengus ruficapillus</em> (&copy; Leonardo Pimentel)
Rufous-capped Motmot Baryphthengus ruficapillus (© Leonardo Pimentel)
Rufous-breasted Leaftosser <em>Sclerurus scansor</em> (&copy; Leonardo Pimentel)
Rufous-breasted Leaftosser Sclerurus scansor (© Leonardo Pimentel)
Planalto Woodcreeper <em>Dendrocolaptes platyrostris</em> (© Leonardo Pimentel)
Planalto Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes platyrostris (© Leonardo Pimentel)

More photos from the ringing sessions here.