The lodge flourishes

The year 2010 was a great year for visitor numbers at the lodge. The number of bed-nights was the highest ever at just over 1,500, and we have already received bookings of over 1,000 for this year. As the numbers grow it does put greater pressure on all the staff at REGUA, and therefore we are delighted to announce that one of our previous visitors, Helen Cavilla, has volunteered to help out. Helen will be at REGUA from June to November and amongst other things will be helping with the booking arrangements, ensuring the smooth running of the Lodge, and making sure that all the visitors have an enjoyable stay and leave with a better understanding of the project and its objectives. Nicholas and Raquel will of course continue to be responsible for the full range of activities at REGUA including acting as the principal hosts for visitors, but having a dedicated person looking after the guests during the peak months should help things run evenly more smoothly.