Another successful land purchase at REGUA

At the end of March the latest land purchase at REGUA was completed for another 35 hectares in the Matumbo area. REGUA has been very successful at acquiring a series of small parcels of land in this area, which is essential to provide a safe corridor between the core REGUA reserve and the newer purchases from the brothers Carlos and Ricardo Lemgruber. Pressure on this area continues from small houses and will grow when the track from Guapiaçu to the main Cachoeiras road is paved, which is currently underway. There are still another 50 or so hectares that have been offered for sale in this area, but because of the housing potential unfortunately the price is high at about R$4,000 per hectare (about GB£1,500).

This purchase takes the land owned by REGUA to about 4,500 hectares and was generously funded by The Body Shop and the World Land Trust.