Does anyone have any old unwanted digital cameras?

REGUA currently employs 10 rangers who regularly patrol the forest to prevent hunting and other illegal activities, but they also maintain the forest trails and help guide visitors, volunteers and University students. Most of the rangers are ex-hunters who have had a very limited formal education, and so it is difficult to expect them to maintain written records of anything interesting they may encounter on their walks – such as evidence of hunting, animal tracks, snakes, orchids etc. One solution that seems to work well is to provide them with a cheap small ‘point and shoot’ camera that they can use to record anything of interest, and these photos can then be downloaded in the office by our volunteers and written records made. The cameras need to be easy to use and they don’t have to be the latest model, so if you know anyone who is buying a new camera and discarding the old one, then we could find a very good use for it. Obviously they have to be in good working order as the cost of repairs can outweigh the replacement cost.

If you can help then the cameras should be sent to Alan Martin at Alureds Oast, Northiam, East Sussex TN31 6JJ and he will ensure they get to REGUA. Thanks.