Grey-eyed Greenlet – another new bird for REGUA!

Grey-eyed Greenlet <em>Hylophilus amaurocephalus</em> (&copy; Leonardo Pimentel)
Grey-eyed Greenlet Hylophilus amaurocephalus (© Leonardo Pimentel)

Last month our bird guide, Leonardo Pimentel, was birding at the wetland when he found yet another new bird for REGUA – an immature Grey-eyed Greenlet Hylophilus amaurocephalus. This range of this Brazilian endemic stretches across eastern Brazil from the state of Piauí in the north down to São Paulo State, but the nearest they get to Rio de Janeiro State is eastern Minas Gerais, and so it is very unusual and unexpected to find one at REGUA.

This addition brings the REGUA bird list to an incredible 456 species!