Puma tracks found at the wetland

Puma footprint <em>Puma concolor</em> at the wetland (&copy; Helen Cavilla)
Puma footprint Puma concolor at the wetland (© Helen Cavilla)

Last Sunday our lodge manager, Helen Cavilla, was walking on the Wetland Trail by the lodge when she discovered these fresh Puma prints on the track. These prints confirm the presence of Puma at the wetland and this another good indicator that the reforestation we’ve been carrying out around the wetland since 2005 is paying off. By replanting areas previously felled with native pioneer tree species, forest animals are able to move into these new areas and so biodiveristy gradually increases. Apex preditors such as Puma will expand into these areas once there is enough suitable habitat to support their prey, and prey animals such as Paca and Red-rumped Agouti are being seen much more frequently. Several forest interior bird species are also being seen with much more frequency around the wetland as well as in the lodge garden, such as Rusty-margined Guan, (now visiting the feeders), Rufous-browed Peppershrike, Red-ruffed Fruitcrow and Bare-throated Bellbird. As the forest around the wetland continues to mature, we expect more species associated with the forest interior to take up residence.

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