Happy New Year from the REGUA team!

The year 2011 has been a very good year for us and we have been able to make progress not only by attracting more guests, but by planting more trees (33,500 trees) adding another 200 ha to the reserve and lastly receiving more students than ever not only conducting research on site and in events such as workshops. With its determined team, REGUA is recognized as a dynamic model of development and perceived as a beacon of conservation in a country where conservation is still luke-warm and not perceived as priority, even if its population is becoming richer and country advancing economically. The bird list has increased to over 460 species and over the years we have been able consolidate the permanent protection of 7,500 ha of the 30,000 ha watershed having a direct effect on the surrounding community and land use.

One area we have made significant progress is in scientific research and training. This year saw 4 symposiums and 6 workshops attended by students from all over Brazil, a clear testimony of an increasing demand. We have identified this area for development, a niche with little competition where we can exploit the protected environment and pass on our beliefs and experience to others. Perhaps the World Cup and Olympics looming ahead could benefit REGUA with the possibility of corporate sponsorship for the future?

We are determined to make REGUA one of SE Brazil’s most successful conservation projects, building a competent model and setting standards for the future. Our learning curve has taken time but we feel that we have made much progress. Many thanks to everyone who has helped and visited us, and here’s to more success in 2012!