A three owl night

The lowland forest fragment close to REGUA is becoming well known for great night-birding, with regular sightings of Black-banded Owl and Tawny-browed Owl. On the evening of the 24th September the Black-banded Owl was sitting on its favourite perch without even needing to be encouraged with a tape, and the Tawny-browed Owl only needed a few seconds before it appeared right above the track. What made the evening more special was the Mottled Owl that came to the Tawny-brow tape as well, and the several Spot-tailed Nightjars that were found earlier on the edge of the village of Areal. Does night birding get much better?

Spot-tailed Nightjar <em>Hydropsalis maculicaudus</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
Spot-tailed Nightjar Hydropsalis maculicaudus (© Alan Martin)
Mottled Owl <em>Strix virgata</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
Mottled Owl Strix virgata (© Alan Martin)
Tawny-browed Owl <em>Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
Tawny-browed Owl Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana (© Alan Martin)
Black-banded Owl <em>Strix huhula</em> (&copy; Alan Martin)
Black-banded Owl Strix huhula (© Alan Martin)