Another Glittering Sapphire found at REGUA

<em>Lasaia agesilas</em>, REGUA, 4 April 2013 (© Nicholas Locke)
Lasaia agesilas, REGUA, 4 April 2013 (© Nicholas Locke)

Yesterday morning Jorge found this beautiful blue butterfly, the Glittering Sapphire Lasaia agesilas, in the office yard of which I got a photo to share with you. According to Jorge, Alan Martin was the first to see it at REGUA (at the waterfall) and obtain a photographic record. This is a male. The female has no blue colouring. It comes in the yard in the morning and then forages elsewhere, flowers and wet clay being its preference. Common in lowland forest, its distribution ranges from northern Argentina to southern Mexico, the caterpillar feeding on Zygia and Inga.

Further information on Glittering Sapphire Lasaia agesilas: