Rufous Nightjar at REGUA, another new bird

Fernando Pacheco in his second visit to REGUA last Saturday and Sunday (24th/25th august) in the company of Ricardo Gagliardi and Luis Florit, went to visit the Onofre Cunha fragment. Soon after arriving at around 4.50 am, the voice of the Rufous Nightjar Antrostomus rufus was heard by Fernando. Though it was still dark the bird called spontaneously, a call originating from the canopy of a tree some thirty meters from the trail. After recording the call, Ricardo tried a play back with much insistence and after a couple of seconds the bird crossed the trail at their head level and from what we could distinguish, it was a medium sized nightjar and bearing a straight tail, smaller than a Parauque Nyctidromus albicollis and without any distinct marks on the wings and tail. However the call is very well known and doesn’t leave any doubt as to its identity. The REGUA bird list now stands at 467 species!