Wishing you all a happy Christmas and peaceful new year

On behalf of the entire REGUA project, we wish to thank you all for what has been another amazing year.   This year alone, the project has acquired five properties and is in the process of finalizing another four adding a whopping 300 hectares to the already 9,000 hectare reserve. Astonishingly we planted a record 100,000 trees with still some 25,000 trees in the nursery waiting to be planted.

Over 2,500 school visitors passed through to see what the hullabaloo was all about, and in addition to the many workshops and courses occurring throughout the year, it has been a year of record visitation by bird and natural history enthusiasts from around the world.

REGUA's Ground Team
REGUA’s Ground Team (© Tatiana Horta)

REGUA organized the first Scientific Seminar with over 50 papers presented and also co-hosted an event at State Government level to encourage tree planting at a regional scale.    The REGUA ground team have been responsible for all this activity, supported by the many volunteers who help at every level and backed by generous institutions and individuals, to whom we dedicate this success.    Without all of you it just would not have been possible!

The trees that have been planted continue to thrive and grow and contribute to an ever-larger protected habitat supporting its fabulous biodiversity.    All our visitors are deeply impressed by the continuous efforts that have taken place over the last 15 years which continue to be truly inspirational especially in this uncertain day and age.

REGUA continues to be one area of the world which transfixes our attention, whether it be the blue hue of the mountains or the ever changing texture of the forests and colour of the sky, so on behalf of our ground team, Raquel, Thomas and I wish to thank every and anyone who has taken part in this amazing process, after all this is truly a dream come true.

Our warmest Christmas wishes and we hope to see you next year!

Nicholas, Raquel and Thomas Locke