Floristic Inventory

The Rio de Janerio State Department is undertaking the very first Floristic Inventory and has a number of Foresters spearheading the work.

A geometric grid composed of 283 spots was placed over the map of the state of Rio de Janeiro, (an area of some 43,600 km²) and each spot marks a parcel of land to be carefully studied.

The aim is analyze the current situation of the State’s ecosystems and land use; from coastal dune and mangroves to pastures and forest.    Within these parcels, samples of soil are taken, the land use identified, and in forests a floristic inventory is undertaken to provide a data bank of information will contribute to knowing more of the vegetation cover, its floristic composition, the soil characteristics and changes in forest cover.

Mauricio, Nicholas ......
Mauricio, Nicholas, Aline with Otávio and Carlos Miguel (©REGUA)

It will seek to evaluate forest cover and provide a species census as well as reveal details of fragmentation and degradation and investigate the perception locals inhabitants have towards the forests that surround them.   REGUA is happy to have one such parcel in mature forest near the blue trail.

REGUA’s nursery manager Mauricio and Forestry engineer Aline were happy to welcome Octavio the Regional director, a brilliant taxonomist who has years of experience in floristic inventory and his team to start the work and contribute to the importance of Rio de Janeiro State’s environmental legacy.