Giant Antshrike

One never really knows what to expect when walking the trails at REGUA.    As the reserve extends over the total altitudinal range from 35m to 2,000m above sea level, you can often meet birds associated with different altitudes.

This is strange because bird distribution tends to be stratified, though some species migrate according to the season following fructification and perhaps temperature changes.

Giant Antshrike
Giant Antshrike (© Igor Camacho)

Only three months ago Igor (one of REGUA’s bird guides) and I were walking the Caledonia trail and showing our guests the Giant Antshrike (Batara Cinerea) the largest of the Formicariidae family, the largest  ‘Antbird’.

The species conservation status is considered of least concern, and it has an extensive range over the Atlantic Forest.

The Green trail starting at the research house is an easy walk and to see this bird is well worth the visit!