Frogs enjoy El Niño at REGUA

With the effects of El Niño, the weather here at REGUA has been very humid with much rain received over the last three months. It has been great for the trees which are growing rapidly .

Dendropsophus seniculus (©: Nicholas Locke)

The amphibians at REGUA have also loved the heat and humidity.   This tiny tree frog found in forests is an example of Dendropsophus seniculus, of the Hylidae family, a fairly common species found in the lowlands of the mid-Atlantic Rainforest ranging from Bahia to Sao Paulo.

Though IUCN’s Red list considers them “least concern” the loss of their habitat has affected population numbers and these amphibians are very important in the control of insects, especially mosquitoes and we are very happy to find some many species at REGUA.  Their presence certainly shows that the habitat REGUA has restored is working very well.