REGUA is an outpost

In 1971, UNESCO launched the ‘Man and the Biosphere Programme’ (MAB).   This is a global programme aimed at improving the relationship between people and their environment.   The idea is to promote an innovative approach to economic development based on social, cultural and environment sustainability.

In 1993 UNESCO included 290,000km² of remaining Atlantic forest as a “Biosphere Reserve” an outstanding area of biodiversity.    The unique ecosystem made up of microhabitats that include mangroves, salt marsh, paramos and the changing forests at various elevations face constant anthropic pressure.

REGUA Biosphere
REGUA Biosphere (© Nicholas Locke)

Under the primary objective of conserving biological diversity, it provided status and targets for habitat protection, ecological restoration and the development of sustainable practices within these areas.

In 2015 REGUA applied to be formerly recognized as an “Outpost of the Biosphere Reserve” based on its consistent work in protection, education, restoration and research with low impact tourism since 2001.   We are delighted to announce that REGUA was unanimously awarded the status.

This title provides REGUA with the recognition to help with its objectives and a statement about its commitment to the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest.