REGUA’s third Sungrebe found at the wetland

Sungrebe at the REGUA wetland, 14 May 2016 (© by Vanessa Bard)

The rare Sungrebe Heliornis fulica has made a rare appearance at REGUA – the first occurrence here in ten years!

On 14th May Biologist Vanessa Bard from the nearby city of Nova Friburgo was participating on the course of Marcos Felipe. During the walk observing birds around the wetland, Marcos spotted a Sungrebe amongst the lilies on the far side. Vanessa with her camera was able to take this register photo and though the rest of the group was able to see the bird later in the afternoon, the following day Adilei, Daniel and Joao were unfortunately not so lucky.

This bird is a male, possibly a sub-adult, and is the third record for REGUA. All have occurred at the restored wetland, and the first was recorded in 2005, the year the wetland was created. The Sungrebe is extremely secretive and can be difficult to find, and so the bird could still be present. Let’s hope it is seen again.

Find out more about the Sungrebe on the Neotropical Birds website.