Mosaic of Parks and Reserves “Central Fluminense”

The Mosaic of Parks and Reserves known as “Central Fluminense” is one of the most experienced Groups in SE Brazil.   Representatives have travelled all over Brazil sharing their experience of this umbrella organisation which represents all of the Parks and Reserves in the Serra do Mar mountains of Rio de Janeiro state.

As a Private Reserve, REGUA is a member of this Group along with some of the oldest and most important Parks in the country.

Mosaic meeting,
Mosaic meeting (© Nicholas Locke)

Being a representational platform is always a challenge not least as funding is needed in order to promote success.

When it was created a decade ago, the Government gave much importance to their regional Mosaics and they became increasingly active in challenging industries being created in the region.

This month there will be an exhibition in Brasilia where all the Mosaics will be participating to show their conquests and successes.

In a world where the need to conserve green areas is not always in harmony with socio-economic needs of development, this Group needs to retain its independence – representing the environment and providing a voice of calm to stand against inappropriate industrial development at all costs.