Young Rangers visit Tres Picos Park

With the Young Ranger Programme in full swing, REGUA’s environmental officer Carlos Quintanilha took the 32 Rangers and some of their parents for a day visit to the Tres Picos Park.

Young Rangers at Tres Picos
Young Rangers with Jequitibá Tree (© REGUA)

The aim was to explain the principle objectives of the Park and its importance to the local communities living nearby.    The children converged on the lawn at the entrance of the Park for a welcome talk explaining the history of the Park, followed by a stroll through the permanent exhibition at the visitor center and ending with a long walk to the famous Jequitibá tree famous for being one the largest in south east Brazil at over 40 metres tall and around 1000 years old.

The Young Rangers were also presented talks on the importance of water and stream conservation as well as soil structure with an introduction on soil horizons.