Idomeneus Owl-Butterfly photographed at REGUA

Idomeneus Owl-Butterfly <em>Caligo idomeneus</em>, REGUA, September 2010 (© Michael Patrikeev)
Idomeneus Owl-Butterfly Caligo idomeneus, REGUA, 14 September 2010 (© Michael Patrikeev)

Michael Patrikeev, recently sent us this photograph of the rarely seen Idomeneus Owl-Butterfly Caligo idomeneus, taken at REGUA on 14 September 2010.

Jorge Bizzaro, REGUA’s Research Coordinator, and very knowledgeable lepidopterist explains why this species is rarely encountered. “This individual from REGUA is a rarity, because it only flies during sunrise when most lepidopterists are sleeping! The main characteristic of Caligo idomeneus is the very straight and defined median white band of the forewing present on both sides.”

For more photos of the sighting see Michael’s website Wild Nature Images.

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