Bart Coppens at REGUA

Bart photographing an Automeris genus moth (© Micaela Locke).

Regua has just welcomed its first volunteer after almost two years! Bart Coppens just arrived from the Netherland’s with the task of documenting digitally the REGUA moth and butterfly fauna (adults and immature alike).

A Saturniidae genus moth attracted to the moth wall at REGUA’s v. centre (© Micaela Locke).

He has been a keen lepidopterist hobbyist and has made his findings and work available to the world through social media like Youtube and Instagram. So he has become worldwide acknowledged and has performed some consulting work for the butterfly breeding “industry” overseas, including exotic places like Laos and Cambodia.

Now he is excited with his first ever South America trip, sponsored by one of his Youtube followers.

This seems to be a new Hawkmoth to be registered at REGUA (© Micaela Locke).


Youtube: Bart Coppens