Tree planting day at REGUA’s neighbours

This week REGUA’s field team started planting one hectare of land in the Recanto Feliz property, owned by the Prohmann family, where ActionShop Environmental Services operates (a wastewater treatment plant located in the nearby town of Papucaia).

Mary Prohmann planting her first tree on Woman’s International Day (© Aline Damasceno).

Arthur, Mary and Liliane played an active part in the tree planting session which included Atlantic forest species such as Jequitibás, Ipês and Quaresmeiras (Lecythidaceae, Bignoniaceae and Melastomataceae families respectively).The Prohmann family’s desire to contribute to ecological restoration is founded on the premise that we are all responsible for the natural world future generations will inherit.

Liliane Prohmann excited playing trees (© Aline Damasceno)

We were also delighted by Arthur’s Women’s International Day’s poem which included a celebration to women and the environment.

The planting today is part of a larger WWF reforestation grant to REGUA, which aims at planting 20 hectares of Atlantic forest in the Guapiaçu watershed.

WWF Field team leader, Bruno Nunes showing lots of enthusiasm while planting trees (© Aline Damasceno).