About us

Our mission

REGUA’s Mission is the long-term conservation of the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity in the Guapiaçu watershed in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

REGUA will achieve its mission by:

  1. protecting the forest and its biodiversity by establishing a nature reserve through land acquisition and partnership agreements, and preventing illegal activities such as hunting or the removal of forest products.
  2. integrating the protection of the forest and its biodiversity with the needs and wishes of the local communities by providing employment, a broad environmental education and a local outreach programme
  3. restoring forest and wetland habitats on land that has been cleared or degraded using locally sourced native seeds and materials, and supporting the planned reintroduction of lost species as appropriate
  4. creating a detailed inventory of the fauna and flora present, encouraging and supporting research which increases our understanding of species distribution, behaviour and habitat requirements, and assists REGUA monitor and evaluate the success of its conservation activities. All research results should be made widely available
  5. encouraging people to visit, learn about and support the project to ensure its long-term financial viability and to become a demonstration site to encourage further conservation efforts in the Atlantic Forest.