REGUA’s success to date is due to the help and financial support of a wide range of individuals, charitable organisations and commercial sponsors, to whom we extend our grateful thanks. It would be impractical for us to list all our friends and supporters, but we have shown below some of the most significant contributors.

Special thanks to our three main supporters who have been involved for many years and continue to provide essential funding and support:


With particular thanks to:

  • The Bromley Trust
  • Chester Zoo
  • Lindsay Deane
  • Miss Fiona Dunnett
  • The Eccles Family Trust
  • The Farrington Trust
  • Dave Fletcher
  • Edward Hoare
  • The Tasso Leventis Foundation
  • Robert Locke
  • The Millichope Foundation
  • Hylton Murray-Philipson
  • Ornitholidays
  • The Wetland Trust


With particular thanks to:


With particular thanks to:

REGUA has also received direct support from:















British Birdwatching Fair

REGUA has been represented at the annual British Birdfair since 2007. Our stand is organised by Rachel Walls and manned each year by Lee Dingain, Rachel Walls and Sue Healey, with assistance from Alan Martin as well as occasional extra help from other volunteers.


We are also extremely grateful to the large number of photographers who have kindly provided photographs and video taken at REGUA for us to use on the website and other media. Unfortunately it is impractical to list everybody, but a special thanks must go to Nick Athanas, Joy Braker, Mick Braker, Adilei Carvalho da Cunha, Lee Dingain, Daniel Jorge, John Feltwell, Sue Healey, Chris Knowles, Tasso Leventis, Nicholas Locke, Alan Martin, Thor Ostbye, Leonardo Pimentel, Ramon Quisumbing, Chris Townend, Rachel Walls and Barry Yates.

Where possible, photographers are acknowledged in the image caption (and in addition the photographer’s name is also stated in the image file name). All photographs and videos on this website are protected by copyright and should not be used without prior written permission from the photographer (to request permission please contact us).

Website and social media

Our website was designed, built and is managed by Lee Dingain. Website copy was written by Lee Dingain, Sue Healey, Nicholas Locke, Alan Martin and Rachel Walls. In addition, Jorge Bizarro provided text on butterflies and Tom Kompier on odonata. Our social media, including Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo, was set up and is managed by Lee Dingain with help from Rachel Walls, Sue Healey and Thomas Locke. Our Instagram account was set up Thomas Locke and is managed by Micaela Locke.