The REGUA Association

REGUA was established as an Association under Brazilian law (number CNPJ32-532.012/0001-53) in June 2001 and the Constitution was amended in March 2013 and October 2018. The Association is governed by its members (of which there are five types) who meet at the annual General Assembly and have the responsibility to elect the Directorate and Fiscal Council, approve changes to the Association statutes, appoint Honorary and Bene meritus members, and receive and approve reports from the Directorate and Fiscal Council. The members also have ultimate responsibility for the winding up of the Association and distribution of its assets if necessary. Decisions taken at General Assemblies have to be passed by a 2/3rds majority.

There are five types of members:

  • Founders: which comprise of Nicholas Locke, Raquel Locke and Fabine Lagoas
  • Honorary: Stuart Housden, Alan Martin, Gustavo Pedro de Paula and Mario Porto
  • Bene meritus: Professor Andre Zau
  • Contributing: none at present
  • Staff: Ana Carolina Moreira, Tatiana Horta and Thomas Locke

The Directorate is made up of the President (Nicholas Locke), the Vice-President/Secretary (Raquel Locke) and the Treasurer (Fabine Lagoas). They serve for a six year term and are responsible for the planning and delivery of all the Association’s activities including employee recruitment, setting membership dues (if applicable), calling and managing General Assembly meetings, preparing and presenting annual reports to those meetings, and establishing partnerships.

The Fiscal Council is made up of three people and they are responsible for examining and approving the interim (6 monthly) and annual accounts, and for providing advice to the Directorate on asset purchases and disposal. Like the Directorate they serve for a six year term and are currently local landowners who have an interest in REGUA and its activities and are well known to the Locke family. They are Elton John Nogueira, Korlan Nogueira and Elcio Leal.

REGUA owns and manages a quality lodge that attracts visitors from around the world. Profits from the lodge cover about 70% of the operational costs of the project. REGUA also receives income from several organisations for habitat restoration and receives donations from the UK and US which help cover the staff and management costs. In addition REGUA receives donations towards land purchase.

Since its inception, the REGUA project has received financial and operational support from the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust (BART), a UK registered charity.

REGUA President Nicholas Locke and Vice-President Raquel Locke