Trip reports

On this page you will find a number of trip reports from previous birding and wildlife watching trips to REGUA, organised by both independent travellers and tour companies. Trip reports are not only a great way to find out what others have seen when visiting the reserve but also for getting ideas on how to build your own trip itinerary.

If you have a trip report from your own visit to REGUA that you would like us to link to or host on our site then please send us an email making sure you include the link or attach the report.


South East Brazil, 18th – 27th January 2018, by Martin Wootton


Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour, 10-17 September 2017, by Andres Vasquez


Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour, July 10th – 17th, 2016, by Nick Athanas
Bucks Birders in Brazil – 2016: REGUA, by Jim Rose
Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna, October 20th – November 8th, 2016, by Nick Athanas


Birdquest Tour Report: Ultimate Southeast Brazil 2015: 31 October – 26 November, by Eduardo Patrial
Ornitholidays to Brazil Atlantic Forest special – 06-15 September 2015, by David Walsh
Brazil and Argentina, Atlantic forest region: 01-18 July 2015, by Catherine McFadden


Birdquest Tour Report: Ultimate Southeast Brazil 2014: 1 – 27 November, by Eduardo Patrial
Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest – Sat 25th Oct – Sun 2nd Nov 2014, by Richard Thaxton
Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest – Thu 9th – Fri 17th October 2014, by Richard Thaxton
Ornitholidays to Brazil: Atlantic Forest Special – 06 – 15 September 2014, by Mike Witherick
Ornitholidays to Brazil: Atlantic Forest Special – 26 July – 04 August 2014, by David Walsh
REGUA & Serra dos Tucanos, Brazil – 22/03/2014 – 05/04/2014, by Nigel Voaden
Brazil – a week at REGUA – February 1st – 9th 2014, by Peter Friedmann


Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest Thu 3rd – Fri 11th October 2013, by Brian Small
Ornitholidays to Brazil: Atlantic Forest Special 09 – 18 September 2013, by Mike Witherick
An Austral winter in Brazil. June to mid-September 2013, by Ian Loyd
Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu – REGUA, Atlantic Rainforest, SE Brazil. 29 June to 11 July 2013, by Phil Jones
Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (REGUA) – Results of Mammal Survey (10th April to 7th June 2013), by Steve Morgan
Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest – Thursday 18th April to Friday 26th April, by Richard Thaxton
Brazil (Mata Atlântica) (Guapi Assu Bird Lodge, Rio de Janeiro State), April 19th – 21st 2013, by David Southall


Southeast Brazil, 3 – 25/29 November 2012, by Eustace Barnes
Ann and Roland go Birding in Brazil, October 31st – November 11th 2012, by Ann and Roland Gifford
Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest Thu 4th – Fri 12th October 2012, by Brian Small
REGUA!, 4 February – 18 March 2012, by Tom Friedel


REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu) Atlantic Rainforest Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Nov 12 – Dec 7 2011, by Stefan Lithner
Mammals, amphibians, snakes and insects seen in BRAZIL Oct 28 – Dec 7 2011, by Stefan Lithner
Atlantic Rainforest Special, 2 September – 19 September 2011, by Colin Bushell
South-east Brazil – Atlantic Rain Forest Birding at REGUA, 23rd June – 20th August 2011, by Duncan Wilson


Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, 24 October – 1 November 2010, by Sunrise Birding
Atlantic Rainforest Special, 3 – 20 September 2010, by Colin Bushell/Ornitholidays
List of Birds observed at REGUA, 23 – 25 August 2010, by Ricardo Gagliardi, Bernanrdo Lacombe and Luis Florit/Rio de Janeiro Birdwatchers’ Club
The Atlantic Forest Introtour, 17 – 24 July 2010, by Nick Athanas
The Atlantic Rainforest, Pantanal & Chapada Dos Guimarães, June 26th to July 11th 2010, by Pete Carroll, Bryce Harrison, George and Jennifer Scott


South-east Brazil: The Atlantic Rainforest: 17 September – 2 October 2009, by Jos Wanten
Guapi Assu Bird Lodge, The Atlantic Forest Brazil: 5th – 12th August 2009, by Chris Townend/Birdseekers
Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour: 18th – 25th July 2009, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding
Brazil SE Atlantic Forests: 14th – 21st March 2009, by Aidan G. Kelly


Atlantic Rainforest Endemics: 1-15 November 2008, by Colin Bushell/Toucan Tours
Southeast Brazil, Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna: 13-30 October 2008, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding
BRAZIL: Pantanal, Amazon, and Atlantic Forest: 3-25 October 2008, by Bradley Davis/Tropical Birding
Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest IntroTour: September 18 – 25, 2008, by Scott Olmstead/Tropical Birding
Andrew Whitehouse’ REGUA Diary: August 2008, by Andrew Whitehouse
Birding the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil: 13-26 July 2008, by Mass Audubon Joppa Flats Education Center


South-east Brazil, 20th October – 3rd November 2007, by John Raven
A few days at Regua, South-east Brazil, 13-15th October 2007, Ian Reid
Atlantic Forest, Rio de Janeiro State, South-east Brazil: 10 to 22 October 2007, by Lee Dingain
Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna, 1 – 18 October 2007, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding


Brazil Introtour: October 2006, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding
South-east Brazil Atlantic Rainforest and Cerrado: September to October 2006, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding
The Boy in Brazil: July-August 2006, by Andrew Whitehouse
Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu, Atlantic Forest, South-east Brazil: May to August 2006, by Lee Dingain
South-east Brazil: June 2006, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding


South-east Brazil and the Pantanal: July to August 2005, by Sam Woods/Tropical Birding
South-east Brazil: June 2005, by Mark Harper
South-east Brazil: May to June 2005, by Nick Athanas/Tropical Birding