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REGUA’s 12th British Birdfair

The REGUA UK Team at Birdfair 2019, from left: Sue Healey, Lee Dingain, Alan Martin and Rachel Walls (© Dan Bradbury)
The REGUA UK Team at Birdfair 2018, from left: Sue Healey, Lee Dingain, Alan Martin and Rachel Walls (© Dan Bradbury)

This was the 12th year in a row that REGUA has attended the British Birdwatching Fair, and what a successful Birdfair it was!

Held each year at Egleton Nature Reserve at Rutland Water in England, the Birdfair is the world’s largest conservation fundraising fair and this year (the 30th Birdfair) is helping to fund the creation of the Ansenuza National Park in Argentina.

Our stand was once again organized and manned by our dedicated volunteers, Rachel Walls, Lee Dingain and Sue Healey, with assistance from Alan Martin, and Ken Sutton and Stuart Housden also both helping out for a day. It was good we had so many people helping because we had a large number of visitors to the stand, new faces, past visitors and volunteers and volunteers signed up to our volunteer programme.

Birdfair is also a great opportunity to catch up with our supporters and friends at the World Land Trust, Puro Coffee and Serra dos Tucanos.

REGUA is now well and truly on the birdwatching map and we are a firm believers that international birdwatching tourism is crucial in helping REGUA carry out our urgent conservation work protecting the Atlantic Forest of the Guapiaçu valley.

A huge thanks to everybody who visited our stand and also to all the Birdfair volunteers for making the event run so smoothly. We would also like to give a special thanks to Guto Carvalho of Avistar (the Brazilian Bird Fair) for mentioning REGUA in their excellent talk, and to Rachel Walls for all her hard work behind the scenes organising the REGUA stand each year and for baking her amazing cakes!

We look forward to seeing some of you at REGUA soon! If you have any enquiries about visiting REGUA then please drop us a email.

Avistar, Sãn Paulo

Nicholas and Raquel at Avistar (© REGUA)
Nicholas and Raquel at Avistar (© REGUA)

The Sao Paulo Birdfair, Avistar, held at the Butantã Gardens has to be one of the greatest venues to attend in South America, if not the Americas. It is just teeming with bird guides, exciting news, conservation projects and photographers. The date is always mid-May and the event is run by Gustavo “Guto” Carvalho and his wonderful team, he brings together the best of the birding world in Brazil.

Butantã is world famous for producing snake serum and the Gardens holds the marquis full of stands. REGUA has one small stand that is shared with other Rio birders and this makes for one of the most popular venues. We get to meet up with the birders, guides and tour companies to share news and comment on recent activities. Everyone is a member of a big extended family and we leave feeling fully revived and firing on all cylinders. The photograph shows Nicholas and Raquel with just a few of the people they met this year. Already looking forward to next year’s venue.

If you want to meet up with Guto, he will be at the UK Birdfair this August – our UK Team look forward to seeing him there.

AVISTAR – Brazilian Bird Fair 20th – 22nd May

REGUA will be at the Sao Paulo Butantã Institute May 20th-22nd at the Brazilian Birdfair.

It is the most important Bird event in Brasil attracting tour operators, lodge owners, biologists, conservationists, bookshops and Municipal Authorities.    There will speakers and many lectures about birds from around the country.

Avistar Brazil
Avistar (© Nicholas Locke)

This is a great opportunity to meet renowned bird guides, lodge owners, ornithologists, photographers, biologists studying nature, Birdlife International partner SAVE, conservation leaders along with bird watchers.

REGUA is recognized as a well-established conservation project and has attended Avistar for the last nine years.

Raquel and I look forward to attending and hopefully meeting some of you there.

Brazilian bird fair 2015

Nicholas and Raquel Locke (©REGUA)
Nicholas and Raquel Locke (© REGUA)

REGUA was present at the Brazilian bird fair which was held in São Paulo. Popularly known as Avistar, the fair is held over three days.

This is the most important event in birding circles in Brazil. It attracts those who want to work in nature, especially bird guides and lodges. It gives an opportunity to share experiences, news of the bird species, published material and meet the tour companies. Various lectures are offered and Avistar is the best way to widen contact bases in a most participative way.

An exhibition in memory of Nature photographer, Luis Claudio Marigo, a staunch supporter of REGUA was held. There was also time to update information on the Black-fronted Piping-Guan reintroduction project which is due to take place on the reserve later this year. Many smaller projects visited the fair and REGUA was invited to share its experience and put forward suggestions to help them to reach their goals and mature their projects.

Many thanks to Gute Carvalho for arranging a most successful 10th year event.

Bird lodges team up for Brazilian birdfair

REGUA was present at the 7th annual Brazilian Birdfair, the Avistar in São Paulo between the 18th and 20th May. The stand was generously funded by the Cachoeiras de Macacu County Council and REGUA shared the space with Serra dos Tucanos lodge and Vale das Taquaras lodge, both close to REGUA. The well attended bird fair represents the most important event for birdwatchers in the country and there were ample opportunities to meet other lodge owners, guides and colleauges working within the birding field. Amongst so many visitors to our stand, we received Luana and her team from the RJ State Environment Agency who intend promoting bird watching in the Rio State parks, Birdlife International Argentina partner Andres Bosse, Brazils renowned ornithologist Fabio Olmos, Betty Peterson from the ABA who came to talk about the US programm of providing binoculars for rangers and guides amongst so many friends. Guto de Carvalho, the organizer is to be congratulated for this great event.

Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)
Avistar 2012 (© Nicholas Locke)