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REGUA in Royal Entomological Society magazine

The summer 2009 issue of Antenna – the bulletin of the Royal Entomological Society – features an excellent article by John Feltwell, a trustee of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust, highlighting the huge diveristy of moths found at REGUA and inviting anyone with an interest in moths to help us identify the large number of unidentified moths that we have photographed at the reserve.

Antenna is available free to Royal Entomological Society members – please visit their website for details.

Help wanted with identifying moths

Over the last few years we have been taking photographs of the huge diversity of moths found around the reserve, in order to develop a database of the species present. Unfortunately there are no field guides available and so identification is often a difficult and slow process, and many species remain unidentified. If you are a keen lepidopterist and would like to help us identify the many mysterious moths we have photographed, then please get in touch.