School visits

The main goal of the School Visit programme is to introduce children and young people to an understanding of the diversity and the threats to the Atlantic Forest biome, as well as a greater awareness of the wider environmental issues. The target group are primary and secondary school students and the aim is to encourage them to develop a sense of care and responsibility for the environment.

REGUA’s Environmental Education Coordinator guides the visiting groups along the Education Trail in the restored wetlands. Along this trail, children and young people are able to experience aspects of the restoration of wetlands, reforestation and associated fauna and flora.

REGUA has consolidated it’s name as a destination for school visits within and out of Cachoeiras de Macacu Municipality providing an outdoor experience of proximity to the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity. The beautiful scenery of the restored wetlands, a well-equipped Visitor Centre, a well-kept system of trails, REGUA’s Environmental Education Coordinator’s availability make the school visits an opportunity to be a life-changing experience to many children.

School visits are a crucial part of our outreach work to preserve the Atlantic Forest (© Joy Braker)