The Atlantic Forest is in urgent need of your help!

REGUA’s Mission is to conserve the Atlantic Forest and biodiversity of the Guapiaçu watershed in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Atlantic Forest of south-east Brazil, Paraguay, and north-east Argentina, was once one of the largest rainforests in the Neotropics, covering around 150 million ha. However, after centuries of deforestation, the Atlantic Forest is now one of the world’s most threatened biomes, with an estimated 7.6% of original forest extent remaining. Furthermore, over 83% of the remaining Atlantic Forest consists of fragments smaller than 50 ha!

The Atlantic Forest is one of the top five biodiversity hotspots on Earth. Stretching across a vast latitudinal range and extending in altitude from sea-level to over 2,000 m, the Atlantic Forest comprises a wide variety of habitats and vegetation types, supporting a species diversity higher than most of the Amazon Rainforest and with high levels of endemism. Over 500 tree species have been found in just one hectare of forest! Preserving the remaining Atlantic Forest is therefore of high priority for global conservation.

REGUA protects over 11,000 ha of Atlantic Forest, employing local rangers to patrol the forest and provide a safe haven for wildlife, including apex predators such as Puma Puma concolor, 12 Threatened and 29 Near Threatened bird species, the Critically Endangered Ivory-tailed Bluetip Minagrion ribeiroi dragonfly, the Endangered Central Humming Frog Chiasmocleis carvalhoi, and also the Critically Endangered Southern Muriqui Brachyteles arachnoides, now surviving in just 20 localities with an estimated total population of just 1,100-1,200 individuals. With biodiversity now thriving, species new to science are being discovered at REGUA all the time.

REGUA’s work includes reforestation of degraded pasture with native Atlantic Forest tree species, over 600,000 trees have been planted to date; reintroducing species such as Lowland Tapir Tapirus terrestris, facilitating scientific research, and providing environmental education to local school children. None of this would be possible without donations.

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Donations to REGUA are made via the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust (BART), a UK charity (registered charity number 1079038) established in January 2000 specifically to support the REGUA project. 100% of any donation received will benefit REGUA.

For donations greater than £100 please contact the BART Secretary, Alan Martin, who can advise on Gift Aid. US donors offering over $500 are similarly requested to contact Alan to enable tax efficient giving.

If you visit REGUA and fly economy class return from Europe your journey will emit 3.3 t C0. Buying 10 native trees for REGUA to plant and manage will offset the carbon emissions – we will grow them from seed collected from the reserve, and plant and maintain them to establish more forest for wildlife. 10 trees will cost £60.

A ranger to patrol the reserve and prevent fires, poaching or illegal logging costs £150 per week. Please can you help and in the process offer jobs to the local community?

REGUA offers support to students from several local universities, who have made some amazing discoveries. We would like to offer more small bursaries and provide accommodation and lab space. £300 will sponsor a student to make 10 research visits to do fieldwork on the reserve.

REGUA is actively trying to buy degraded pasture that can be planted to link up remaining fragments of forest. Creating connectivity and larger forest areas is the best hope for the thousands of species found in the Atlantic Forest. £2,500 will buy 1 hectare (nearly 2.5 ac) of land to plant. £250 buys an area about the size of a tennis court!

We thank you for your support!

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