Specimen collecting regulations at the Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu (REGUA)

Conservation of the environment, in all its diversity was the principal reason for the creation of REGUA and for its continued sustainability.

In Accordance with the wishes of its sponsors, REGUA does not permit routine collecting of any flora or fauna specimens on the reserve.

Such collecting is considered inconsistent with REGUA’s objective to provide a safe and protected environment for all wildlife and habitats.

REGUA does accept that on an exception basis scientific research will require some invertebrates, amphibian and fish specimens to be collected for identification purposes or to establish reference collections.

Any such collecting will be authorised only on the following conditions:-
1) Appropriate licenses to be obtained and presented in advance of any collecting.
2) The number of specimens collected must be kept to an absolute minimum, alternative, non-lethal methods of identification must always be considered first (e.g. use of digital photography, DNA analysis etc).
3) Rare or endangered species must be collected. Specimens may only be collected where there is known evidence that the species involved is sufficiently numerous to permit the removal of one or more species.
4) In no circumstances can birds or mammals be collected.

Failure to follow these guidelines risks REGUA losing the support critical to its continuing operation and development.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.