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Landscape Ecology Courses

Ongoing Research has been carried out at REGUA for several years now.    This has been led  by Mauricio de Almeida Gomes (Post-doctorate Fellow at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and Jayme Augusto Prevedello (Post-doctorate Fellow at University of São Paulo, Brazil) and their team.   Here Mauricio describes their aim.

Landscape Ecology Students (© Mauricio Gomes)

“The aim of this series of courses is to introduce graduate students to the main concepts of Landscape Ecology – an emerging biological discipline concerned with understanding the effects of spatial patterns; for example, forest fragmentation on ecological processes such as species diversity.

This is an intensive, 5-day  course focused at MSc and PhD students of Ecology from different Brazilian universities.

All major themes in Landscape Ecology are treated during the course through a combination of theoretical classes, presentations and discussions of published papers, computer exercises and field activities.

The course has been very positively received by students. There are usually around 16 students, and the facilities that are offered at REGUA are ideal for the purpose.   With accommodation, laboratory, and field study all close at hand this enables the team to do fieldwork and coursework in an excellent environment and facility.

Working in the field (© Mauricio Gomes)

The photographs show students developing field activities on courses held over the last two years.