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Rio Scouts visit REGUA

REGUA recently played host to a Rio de Janeiro Scout Group.   With an entourage of Scout leaders and parents, two coach loads of excited children swarmed around the Conservation Centre.

Rio Scouts walking to planting area
Rio Scouts walking to planting area (© Sue Healey)

Then it was off to the planting area, two kilometres away along the banks of the River Guapiaçu.    Some of the group were happy to stroll along, whilst others took a lift in one of the reserve vehicles.   Soon everyone was in place; in the middle of a cattle pasture which had been prepared to accept seedlings from the enthusiastic gardeners.

With the help of our colleagues from the Guapiaçu Grande Vida (GGV) project – who kindly arranged the event – everyone gathered under the shade of a large tree to hear about REGUA project, the importance of the forest and why REGUA and GGV needed their help to plant trees.   After receiving instructions on the best way to handle and plant the seedlings, it was time to get their hands dirty!

The children were thrilled to be able to handle a tree, and eagerly dug into the prepared holes to make a space for the roots.   Once planted and carefully firmed in, they went off to get another tree to plant.   As the adults got more involved, they too, collected seedlings to plant with the children.    Excited rivalry broke out as they competed to plant more trees than their friends – I think the most was seven.

Scouts tree planting
Scouts tree planting (© Sue Healey)

After a walk back through the newly planted land, everyone returned to the Conservation Centre for lunch.   In the afternoon a walk around the wetlands was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the day was rounded off with a vote of thanks from the Scouts to those who had arranged the day.