Volunteer at REGUA

Our volunteer programme has been running since 2006. As a volunteer, not only will you have a wonderful and fulfilling experience in a beautiful environment, but you will also be making a genuine contribution to the conservation of the Atlantic Forest.

Why volunteer at REGUA?

We hope to offer volunteers a fulfilling experience at a cutting-edge conservation project that is protecting one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the Atlantic Forest. You will have the opportunity to work closely with REGUA staff, including members of the local community, in a rare and scenic environment that is home to a wealth of unique wildlife.

Basic but comfortable accommodation and good quality locally sourced food are provided. Volunteers can take advantage of excellent facilities including Wi-fi,  a classroom, a laboratory, kitchen and dining room. Our volunteer programme is non-profit, with the cost covering our overheads only.

Our volunteer programme works with the following principles in mind:

  • Volunteers contribute to the delivery of REGUA’s objectives
  • Volunteers are not used by REGUA as an alternative to local employment
  • Volunteers have a rewarding experience

Who can volunteer?

Our volunteer opportunities are open to people aged 18 or over, of both sexes and of any nationality. Volunteers must be able to speak fluent English or Portuguese, have a reasonable level of fitness, be highly self-motivated, responsible, and able to work with minimal supervision. You will need the ability to adapt to new environments and cultures as you will be working alongside local people in a hot and humid climate. Our placements are ideal for those wishing to take a career break, gap year, sabbatical or are retired.

What placements are available?

Each year we welcome applicants for the following placements:

Other volunteer opportunities may be available from time to time.

What is the minimum commitment?

The minimum commitment varies for each placement. Assistant Bird Guide, Nature Guide and Assistant Gardener placements have a minimum commitment of two months.  The General Volunteer has a minimum commitment of one month. These timescales have been set to enable volunteers time to become familiar with the staff as well as the set up of  the reserve and get the best out of  their volunteer experience.

How much does it cost?

US$600 per person per month which covers accommodation, cleaning and food (except Sundays). An optional private transfer service from Rio to REGUA is also available at US$200 each way per minibus (cost can be shared between all passengers). Payments must be made into our bank account at least two weeks prior to your arrival date. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Walls for our bank account details.

What time of year can I volunteer?

The volunteer programme runs from the end of February (after carnival season) until the end of November, avoiding the hottest and most humid time of year. However, each role has a core period of time when volunteers are required.

What hours do volunteers work?

The core working hours for volunteers are 0800 to 1600 Monday to Friday. Weekends are free. Please note that Assistant Bird Guides and Nature Guides often require working outside of these hours, depending on the needs of lodge guests and other visitors.

Do I need travel insurance?

A valid comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes medical cover is essential for the duration of your time with us.

What vaccinations do I need?

You should consult with your doctor or local travel clinic on the most up to date information regarding vaccinations required for your trip to Brazil.

Summary of minimum requirements

Age 18 years or over
Languages English or Portuguese
Fitness Reasonable
Commitment 1 month – 2 months depending on the role
Cost US$600 per person per month
Travel insurance Medical cover essential

How to apply

If you are interested in volunteering at REGUA then please complete our application form and email it to our Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Walls.

Volunteers Richards Thraxton (left) and Rachel Walls (right) trail marking with Barata (© Lee Dingain)
Some of very first volunteers John Harris, Rachel Walls, Martin Smart and Ben Michaud helping our Head of Nursery, Mauricio Noqueira, with seedlings (© Lee Dingain)
Volunteer Joy Braker maintaining the Yellow Trail (© Mick Braker)